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Law office Uzunov & Partners is specialized at the field of the Civil Law and more specifically in the fields of the Trade Law and all the filed of the Law bound to the business. Our business lawyers represent business organizations and individuals in all types of business matters. We counsel our clients over the entire life of the business organization - from assisting the client in selecting the form of organization and organizing the business; to raising capital and financing growth; form the sales and investments to restructuring, from labour organization to the Employment’s company policy.

We understand more than the law. We work to understand our clients’ businesses; to understand the economic, political, financial, and technological developments that affect their goals. We inform ourselves so that we can provide client services more efficiently and effectively. It’s a never-ending process, but as a result, we are more than a law office; we are valued advisors. We combine business insight with legal excellence to address client issues before they become expensive legal problems.


We are experts at resolving disputes - any type of dispute. Whether through litigation, arbitration, mediation or negotiation; no matter in front of which court instance: we have the ability to lead to successful conclusion any type of dispute in any industry for plaintiffs or defendants.
We are pragmatists. If we consider it in our client's interest to recommend settlement, we will do so. If a case should go to trial, we will take it to trial. Everything we do for our clients is intended to advance their interests while helping them evaluate the costs, benefits and risks and helping them take the most optimal and most profitable decision.

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